Parenting time: quantity versus quality

When parents file for divorce, they are faced with many divorce issues; however, nothing is more pressing than the child custody agreement they will reach. It is often difficult for a parent to transition from spending all of their time with a child to spending 50 percent or less of the time with them. Because it is an often difficult and emotional divorce issue, it is important that parents understand their situation and how they can best navigate it.

Parenting time is often viewed as the amount of time that a parent spends with a child. But, in today’s society, it should have an alternative view. It is more about the quality of time versus the quantity of time. Parents should be less focused on the time they are losing with their child and more focused on the time they will spend with them and how this time will impact the child’s well being and development.

Much like each family is diverse, each parent will have a very different post-divorce life. Just because a child was used to a certain routine during the marriage, this does not mean that each parent cannot do this independent of each other. In other words, a divorced parent will be able to examine their schedule and determine what times and days would benefit the child the most. Because the best interests of the child should always be the focal point, parenting time should be based on when a parent can be present and actively involved with a child.

If that means having a co-parenting agreement that is not exactly 50-50, then that is fine. It is best that a child is with a parent when a parent can actually spend time with their child. This is the best way to develop a strong relationship in the post-divorce life and is also a beneficial way to meet the growing needs of a child.

Reaching a child custody agreement is not always an easy process. It is often challenging for a parent to consider a life where they cannot see their child everyday. Thus, it is important to take the time to gain a full perspective of this divorce issue and understand your rights in the matter.

Source:, “Parenting Time: Is Quality More Important Than Quantity?,” Jill Ceder, April 20, 2016