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Alabama Fathers' Rights Lawyer

Birmingham Men’s Rights Lawyer for Divorce and Family Law

Over the years, child psychologists and family courts have come to recognize that fathers are integral in the role of a child and that parenting time is important to that child’s development. Despite this, many fathers still find themselves dealing with bias in family courts and the prejudice that states that children are better cared for by their mothers during their formative years.

At the Birmingham Men’s Law Firm, I believe in standing up for fathers’ rights in divorce, custody battles and all other aspects of family law. I, attorney Gregory C. Starkey, want to help my clients keep and maintain healthy relationships with their children. This includes representation for child custody and visitation issues, as well as assistance to make sure that spousal support and child support payments are fair.

Alabama Fathers’ Rights Attorney

In any case involving children, the best interests of those children are put at the forefront of all decision making inside and outside of family court. Sometimes, the best situation for a child is joint custody and shared responsibility with the mother. In other cases, it is for the father to receive the majority of the parenting time.

I will provide vigorous and personalized legal service that stands up for your rights and helps you deal with the emotions of tough family law issues. Fathers and husbands deserve to be protected equally in family court, and my firm takes a tough stance fighting for that equality.

Dads’ Rights Are Important to Development

For more information about men’s and father’s rights in Alabama, contact my office at 205-581-9790 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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