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Birmingham Eviction Lawyer

Alabama Landlord/Tenant Dispute Attorney

Landlords who are faced with having to evict their tenants have to worry about a number of legal problems and financial implications. If the proper procedures are not taken in the process, landlords and property owners may also be liable for monetary damages. It is important to speak with an experienced lawyer to ensure that the eviction procedure is completed correctly and legally.

At my law firm in Birmingham, I advise landlords with regards to their rights under Alabama law. My name is Gregory C. Starkey, and my goal is to help clients avoid future litigation or other legal complications in the eviction process. I can help you prepare all necessary paperwork and make sure that your actions comply with state regulations and statutes.

Experienced Birmingham Eviction Attorney

The laws regarding evictions and the rights of tenants in Alabama are confusing, and costly mistakes can be easy to make for people unfamiliar with those laws. I counsel landlords and property owners on issues that include wrongful eviction, security deposit issues, landlord/tenant disputes, rent control issues and other related issues.

Avoid a civil action from tenants and get through the unpleasant procedure of eviction in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

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For more information about representation for evictions at the Birmingham Men’s Law Firm, contact my office and schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. Call my office at 205-581-9790 and take advantage of your rights.

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