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Birmingham DUI Lawyers

DUI Defense Attorneys Serving Jefferson County & Shelby County

If you are facing a drunk driving charge in Birmingham, it is imperative that you contact a Birmingham DUI lawyer right away for help. Having a lawyer who is knowledgeable of the legal system and who knows the Birmingham’s DUI laws, along with the ability to create a successful defense on your behalf will prove crucial in the weeks or months following a DUI arrest.

A Birmingham DUI attorney can evaluate all aspects of your case, provide insight into the potential consequences of a conviction, and help you develop a plan to minimize the possible adverse consequences. If you have been arrested for DUI in Birmingham, you should contact an experienced DUI attorney immediately for legal advice and guidance.

In order to avoid automatic suspension, those arrested must request a hearing within 10 days. This administrative hearing is separate from the actual drunk driving charges, and for both situations, you will need a lawyer. Our Birmingham DUI attorneys are well-versed in all types of drunk driving  cases and charges.

Our DUI defense team will look at all aspects of your arrest, including:

  • Are there passengers or other witnesses who can attest you were sober?
  • Did the police officer conduct themselves in an appropriate manner?
  • Was there probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Was there reason to believe you were impaired?
  • Were field sobriety tests administered correctly?
  • Were you taking any prescription medications that cause visual symptoms of alcohol use without causing actual impairment?

Whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, we can build a strong defense for you. You can also count on us to negotiate for you regarding sentencing and license suspension.


The judge can impose jail time, fines, or both penalties on an individual convicted of DUI in Alabama. The biggest factor that determines the penalties for a DUI is whether or not it is a repeated offense.

1st DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time for up to 1 year

  • A fine of $600-$2,100

  • License Suspension for 90 days

  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 6 months (or 2 years with aggravated circumstances)

2nd DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time of 5 days to 1 year

  • A fine of $1,100-$5,100

  • License revoked for 1 year

  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 2 years (or 4 years with aggravated circumstances)

3rd DUI Offense Penalties

  • Jail time of 60 days to 1 year

  • A fine of $2,100-$10,100

  • License revoked for 3 years

  • Must have Ignition Interlock Device installed for 3 years (or 6 years with aggravated circumstances)

It is possible for someone convicted to serve a period of community service instead of jail time, as well as to apply for a restricted drivers license during the suspension of their driver’s license.


There are certain circumstances that can lead to felony DUI charges, including prior DUI convictions, arresting in a school zone, and driving without insurance or with a suspended license. As a result of a drunk-driving accident that results in death, the driver can also face vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, and criminal negligence charges.


If you are facing DUI charges and are in need of a defense – now is the time to contact our Birmingham DUI Attorneys. Contact us immediately to schedule a FREE in-person DUI case evaluation with a Birmingham DUI lawyer.

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