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Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Jefferson County Alabama

Defending Your Rights & Freedom

The most important thing to consider after being charged with a crime is your freedom and future. After an arrest, dealing with the criminal justice system can be overwhelming. It is critical to have aggressive and experienced legal representation as a conviction on your record can have severe consequences, including fines, jail time, and a damaged reputation.

Legal Advocacy to Defend Your Rights and Freedom

Whether you or someone you love is facing criminal charges in Birmingham, Alabama, it is time to speak with a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle all types of criminal charges and accusations.

When you attempt to navigate the criminal justice system on your own, you put yourself at the mercy of judges and prosecutors who are more concerned with getting convictions. As lawyers, we are committed to protecting the rights of our clients, and we have the resources to secure the best possible defense.

We Fight for YOU & YOUR RIGHTS!

  • State & Federal Criminal Defense
  • All Felony & Misdemeanor Charges
  • Assault / Aggravated Assault
  • Battery / Aggravated Battery
  • Burglary
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Domestic Battery
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI / Drunk Driving
  • Drug Crimes
  • Drug Cultivation
  • Drug Distribution
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sales
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Gun Charges
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Misdemeanors
  • Prescription Drug Charges
  • Property & Financial Crimes
  • Retail Theft
  • Robbery
  • Theft
  • Violent Crimes
  • Weapon Offenses

Defending Criminal Charges in Alabama

It would be unethical for a criminal defense attorney to guarantee you a favorable plea bargain or acquittal. However, the criminal justice system is designed in a way that creates an uneven playing field. It can be difficult for people accused of crimes to mount a strong defense without adequate resources – we can help!

Contact A Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a DUI, drug crime, domestic violence, or any other misdemeanor or felony in Alabama’s state or federal courts, our criminal defense lawyers in Birmingham, AL can help you. A successful defense goes beyond keeping you out of jail. Our goal is to prevent a conviction that will follow you around for years and burden you financially and emotionally.

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