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Birmingham Domestic Violence Lawyers

Domestic Violence Attorneys Serving Jefferson County & Shelby County

There are problems and disagreements between family members every day. Nevertheless, if disagreements become abusive, physical, or threatening, you may need legal help. In some cases, domestic disputes can turn into more serious situations, such as domestic violence.

When you are facing allegations of domestic violence, regardless of whether you have been hurt by the abuse or you are accused of committing it, you need the assistance of a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. According to Alabama Code, Title 30, Chapter 5, the Alabama Protection From Abuse Act gives you the right to seek a protective order. Domestic abuse victims have the right to seek as much protection as possible under this law. You may find this helpful if you have been victimized by someone with whom you have a personal or familial relationship. On the other hand, it can also make it difficult for a victim of abuse to defend themselves against false accusations of abuse. If you have been wrongly accused of abuse, you should contact an attorney who has experience and skill in defending clients.

A Domestic Violence Attorney Can Help Obtain or Defend Against a Restraining Order

If you or your children have been harmed by a family member, spouse, or person with whom you have a romantic or sexual relationship – you should seriously consider speaking with an attorney about getting a restraining order. We can help you protect your health and safety.

Our lawyers can help you:

  • Analyze the appropriate jurisdiction to file for a restraining order
  • Ask the judge to order the defendant from refraining from certain types of conduct that you are most afraid of
  • Handle the paperwork and filing requirements for an emergency or long-term restraining order
  • Prepare you for testifying in court regarding your experience
  • Represent you during all court hearings
  • Represent you in asking the court to extend a restraining order
  • Represent you in enforcing a restraining order
  • Review your situation for eligibility for a restraining order

If you are falsely accused of abuse, contact us right away for help. We will thoroughly investigate your situation, gather evidence that you did not commit the crime, and help you build you a strong defense in court. Even if the other party was able to obtain an emergency court order against you, there is still an opportunity to defend against a long-term restraining order.

Domestic violence can occur between individuals who:

  • Are biologically related, such as parents and children
  • Are related by marriage, such as a stepparent or stepchild
  • Are currently or formerly married
  • Have a child in common regardless of whether they were every married or lived together
  • Have or had a dating relationship
  • Are or were romantically involved household members
  • Are related to a current or former household member and who also live together

Whether you were harmed by your parent, stepparent, child, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, domestic partner, other parent of your child, or a family member of your live-in partner, then you should speak with a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible. You may have the right to go to court an obtain a domestic violence restraining order.

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If you are facing charges, whether they are for misdemeanor or felony domestic violence charges, you need a skilled attorney to help represent you. Contact a Birmingham domestic violence lawyer TODAY for help!

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