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What can we learn from celebrity divorces?

It is not uncommon for divorces to end up messy. This may be especially true of celebrity breakups, which often involve high assets and complex property division, as well as a spotlight by paparazzi and media, often exacerbated by gossip and over-the-top headlines. Fortunately, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have taken the high road with regards to their divorce. This comes following nearly two years of separation, leading some to speculate that the two were in the process of reconcilingContinue reading

The right approach to family law issues can make a difference

There are often many issues and that need to be resolved during the course of a divorce that can cause stress and cause someone to think irrationally. After all, if a marriage was going well, you wouldn’t be in the process of a divorce. While some of the ill feelings can pass, sometimes divorcing couples may make decisions to spite the other person, despite the fact that the decisions themselves are not ideal for anyone involved. During these troubling times,Continue reading

My ex wants to move my kids to another state

Your ex-partner wants to move your kids out of Alabama to another state. Out-of-state relocations can alter the terms of your custody and parenting time agreement, making it harder for you to see and maintain a relationship with your kids. Parental relocation rules are often confusing for many parents. Here is some information that can help you to protect your parental rights. Notice of intent In many divorce and child custody agreements, there is a clause that discusses relocations. IfContinue reading

What to do if your ex wants to move out of state

Divorce is never easy, and when children are involved, it is easy for emotions to run high. It is also true that as long as you have kids, the process of renegotiating the boundaries of a divorce never truly closes. There are always going to be times when things need to be revisited because circumstances have changed. One of those times is when a co-parent moves out of state. “Move-away” cases are fairly common, and they put a strain onContinue reading

Pets play an important role in many families

As “man’s best friend”, the relationship between a dog and his or her owner is often a cherished relationship. In fact, many pets are often treated as family members in many households. During a divorce, one of the more difficult decisions an ex-couple may have to make is over who gets the pets. In the past, and still in most states, pets are considered property and are split just as any other asset would be split. But the state ofContinue reading

Mediation and divorce

Emotions can run high during a divorce, and it can often seem nearly impossible for two soon-to-be ex-spouses to reach an agreement. Mediation can be a big help in these situations. In divorce mediation, a neutral third party will help the two parties make a decision that is fair to both sides. The mediator is trained in helping to resolve the issues in a divorce, and can explain to the parties their legal rights and legal options. However, unlike inContinue reading

How domestic violence can affect divorce rulings

Last Saturday marked an unprecedented moment for women across the United States and across the world when estimates near three million men and women marched through Washington D.C. and dozens of cities across the states and throughout the world to acknowledge the problem of sexual assaults and sexual abuse on women. Sexual abuse is a problem in the United States and throughout the world, as is domestic violence; in many cases, the two are intrinsically linked. Domestic violence can takeContinue reading

How to handle joint custody after relocation

When you get divorced, you might believe that all arrangements are done once the process is finalized. While this may be true for a time, major life changes can create a need to adjust your parenting plan. One of the biggest disruptions is a move, especially if that move is to a location more than one hour away. While you will most likely not have to go through an extensive trial to amend your custody agreement, it is a goodContinue reading

What are my rights as a grandparent?

Studies show that grandparents play a significant role in the upbringing of a child. In following with their ultimate goal of preserving the best interests of the child, courts in the United States, including Alabama recognize this importance, and have laws in place to help assure that grandparents can play an active role in a child’s growth and development. Grandparents are entitled to visitation rights if it can be proven that it is in the best interests of the child,Continue reading

Common law marriage over

Partners have numerous legal arrangements to remain together which pose unique family law issues. However, recognition of one of these legal relationships will end in Alabama. The state will no longer recognize new common-law marriages beginning on New Year’s Day 2017. A common-law marriage is a union that is legally-recognized even though there is no official marriage license in the state. The law, before this change, did not require a specific time or the couple to live together although sevenContinue reading