What is Discovery?

by Kaylee Logeston, Esq. One of the first questions I was ever asked as a new attorney was from a plaintiff-client who was terribly upset and overwhelmed after receiving discovery requests from the other side. They did not understand why they had to answer questions and produce documents when they were the plaintiff who filed the suit in the first place. They were, after all, the person who was taking the other side to court. Despite the overwhelming monotony ofContinue reading


by Kaylee Logeston, Esq. So long as safety concerns are not at issue, I think everyone can agree that it is important for a child to spend time with both of their parents. It sounds simple, but divorced or separated parenting situations can make this difficult. Emotions and strong disagreements that pit one parent against the other can impact the time that each parent spends with their child and, in turn, affect parent-child relationships. Allocating parenting time in shared parentingContinue reading