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Parenting time: quantity versus quality

When parents file for divorce, they are faced with many divorce issues; however, nothing is more pressing than the child custody agreement they will reach. It is often difficult for a parent to transition from spending all of their time with a child to spending 50 percent or less of the time with them. Because it is an often difficult and emotional divorce issue, it is important that parents understand their situation and how they can best navigate it. ParentingContinue reading

Most divorce cases settle before trial

Most people going through a divorce in Alabama do not look forward to going to court. The thought of having to testify at a trial about the failure of one’s marriage can be very stressful. In addition, the outcome of a trial is often unpredictable. For these reasons, most divorce cases are settled by agreement of the parties before a trial is necessary. Settlement can be accomplished through alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation. In many cases, however, theContinue reading

How are visitation rights determined?

We all know how divorces can lead to not only hurt feeling but animosities that can carry over well beyond the marriage. This may be especially damaging when there are children involved from the marriage, as parents will still need to see each other and work together to assure that child custody and parental visitation rights are properly met. Ideally, the courts would like to see that the parents are capable of working with one another to assure that visitationContinue reading

Lessons to learn while going through a divorce

Divorce is often a very difficult time for all parties involved. The dissolution of a marriage may seem like a failure to many, but it is important to recognize that a divorce does not mean the end of the world, but actually quite the opposite. A divorce means a new start for people, it is a chance to start over to achieve the happiness you deserve. While disagreements may seem inevitable when going through all the decisions that need toContinue reading

Benefits to having a prenuptial agreement

If one follows celebrity news and gossip it may seem like everyone is getting a prenuptial agreement these days. But prenuptial agreements are not just for celebrities. They are becoming more and more popular for many engaged Birmingham couples. Although it can be hard for a couple to think about their marriage ending in divorce, there can be many advantages to drafting a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding vows being exchanged. A newly engaged Birmingham couple have a lotContinue reading

Prenuptial Agreements may prevent headaches down the road

Anyone who knows a family member or friend who has gone through a divorce knows that the divorce process doesn’t always go smoothly. Whatever the reason for the divorce, it is likely that some forms of resentment or ill-will might cross the mind of either spouse. And, since both spouses need to work together to try to make mutually beneficial decisions that are satisfactory to both sides, this can be especially difficult. For couples on the verge of marriage, theContinue reading

What you need to know about divorce and your retirement account

If you are facing a divorce, you know that your entire life is in a moment of change. What you might not realize is the way that change can alter your plans for the future, even far-off plans that might not seem as immediately important in the wake of everything else you need to do to get your life reorganized so you can move forward. This leads many people to neglect to pay attention to what their divorce might doContinue reading

Worried you may have to pay too much alimony? Fight back.

When going through divorce, there is something unsettling about paying your soon-to-be ex-wife alimony. After all, you have done most of the heavy lifting during your marriage. You’ve endured years of stress and sacrifice so things would get easier. Now, you are being asked to work hard and hand over part of your paycheck. That’s a tough pill to swallow. As you go through divorce in Alabama, you may also be asked to help her enjoy the same standard ofContinue reading

Paternity can be assumed under certain circumstances

Paternity is a critical issue in many divorces. Paternity is the legal precedent of a child’s father. It establishes the father and it affords certain legal rights and responsibilities. What many people may not know is that paternity can be assumed under a variety of circumstances. For example, if you are married, the father in the marriage is assumed when a child is born. Similarly, if a child is born to an unmarried couple but they get married later orContinue reading

Did you have a child with your girlfriend? You may not have rights as a father.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” William Congrave penned that line in the 17th Century and, when it comes to father’s rights, the same may be said of your ex after a messy breakup. Men who father children out of wedlock can be put at a distinct disadvantage in when it comes to having a relationship with their children. Alabama has some specific rules about establishing paternity, and there are a few cracks an angry ex-girlfriend or ex-wifeContinue reading