5 Ways a Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) Against You Can Impact Your Life 

A PFA may require you to move out of a shared apartment or home. You may need to find a new place to live very quickly. The order could require you to stay away from your children. It could grant your accuser full physical custody of your children and require you to pay child support. The order can require you to let your accuser keep a shared vehicle or your vehicle. You could suddenly find yourself without a vehicle youContinue reading


Divorces and child custody cases can involve accusations of domestic violence. Alabama’s Protection from Abuse Act (Alabama Code § 30-5-1 et seq.) allows a victim of domestic abuse to file a petition with the court requesting protection from the alleged abuser. A PFA is granted ex parte, meaning that the alleged abuser will not be notified about the petition until a PFA has been entered by the court.  DEFINING DOMESTIC ABUSE The Protection from Abuse Act defines domestic violence on the basisContinue reading