What can we learn from celebrity divorces?

It is not uncommon for divorces to end up messy. This may be especially true of celebrity breakups, which often involve high assets and complex property division, as well as a spotlight by paparazzi and media, often exacerbated by gossip and over-the-top headlines. Fortunately, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have taken the high road with regards to their divorce.

This comes following nearly two years of separation, leading some to speculate that the two were in the process of reconciling their marriage and giving it a second chance. According to an unnamed source, the couple have been in mediation with a leading Los Angeles divorce attorney to make certain that the divorce ends amicably.

It now appears that they have been taking their time and making certain that everything ends as mutually-agreeable as possible, including what must be substantially high assets and complex property division. This is also important, as the couple have children from the marriage as well.

Although the couple filed their similar divorce papers at nearly the same time and “in pro persona,” meaning that neither have a lawyer representing them, experts believe both sides have professional legal help behind the scenes. The legal experts go on to speculate that since they are working to settle amicably, it is unlikely that there will be any disputes in court. This goes to show you that although you may feel you can go through a divorce alone without legal help, in order to protect your best wishes and future, more often than not it is in your best interest to get more information about family law.

Source: People, “What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s Unusual Divorce Filing Says About Their Split,” Mia McNiece and Brianne Tracy, April 15, 2017

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