Helping you request spousal support in a divorce

Divorce can be a very complex life event. Even when Alabama couples would rather avoid such a messy process, it is sometimes clear that it is better for the spouses if they were no longer together. After a divorcing couple accepts the fact that they are parting ways, it is essential to consider what is important to them and what they see themselves walking away from the marriage with. While property division is a hotly debated topic during dissolution, when a spouse requests spousal support, this could also lead to a difficult and lengthy battle.

At Gregory C Starkey & Associates, our experienced attorneys understand how important spousal support can be for the spouse requesting it. While some are under the impression that a spouse is being greedy, trying to get as much as they can during a divorce, alimony can turn out to be a very important and vital source of income for a spouse returning to the working world.

Alimony is a means for a spouse to obtain payments, usually made monthly or in large sums, to cover living expenses post-divorce. If a spouse was used to a certain lifestyle during the marriage, they could seek spousal support to maintain this way of living. Many factors are applied when a spouse is seeking alimony, and, if such payments are deemed appropriate, a court will determine whether to award temporary alimony, lump-sum alimony, rehabilitative alimony or periodic alimony.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s website. Whether you are planning on requesting alimony, are currently negotiating a spousal support agreement, are trying to enforce a current order or you are seeking to modify an alimony order, it is important to understand the process and your rights in the matter.