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How are grandparents’ rights determined in Alabama?

It is not unusual for a child custody and visitation dispute in Alabama to extend to whether grandparents will have the right to see or have custody of the child. Knowing how the law views this is imperative for the parents, and the grandparents to make certain that they have a grasp on grandparents’ rights and what can and cannot be done. Under the law, a grandparent is defined as the parent of the parent of a minor child. ThisContinue reading

Paternity can be assumed under certain circumstances

Paternity is a critical issue in many divorces. Paternity is the legal precedent of a child’s father. It establishes the father and it affords certain legal rights and responsibilities. What many people may not know is that paternity can be assumed under a variety of circumstances. For example, if you are married, the father in the marriage is assumed when a child is born. Similarly, if a child is born to an unmarried couple but they get married later orContinue reading

Have a spousal support arrangement? Track the payments

Spousal support is a key issue for many divorced couples. It comes in many forms in the state of Alabama. From temporary spousal support and lump-sum alimony, to rehabilitative spousal support and periodic alimony, there are many ways that couples could become entangled in a spousal support arrangement. There will be many factors used by a judge to determine if spousal support is necessary in any given case, but one factor that may go overlooked by the splitting spouses onceContinue reading

Did you have a child with your girlfriend? You may not have rights as a father.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” William Congrave penned that line in the 17th Century and, when it comes to father’s rights, the same may be said of your ex after a messy breakup. Men who father children out of wedlock can be put at a distinct disadvantage in when it comes to having a relationship with their children. Alabama has some specific rules about establishing paternity, and there are a few cracks an angry ex-girlfriend or ex-wifeContinue reading

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