Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce Mediation

by Kaylee Logeston, Esq.

Whether you are trying to reach an agreement or renegotiate an old one, mediation is a great option to consider. Settling disputes through mediation can save money, time, and leaves both parties feeling as if they have been heard. Here are the top six reasons you should take advantage of mediation in your divorce.

1. Convenience. The mediation is arranged at a meeting place that is convenient to both parties. Each party will usually start the mediation in their own separate rooms and, if the agreement is working out, the mediator will ask the parties to meet in a room
together. The mediator is a neutral party who will listen to everyone’s view and they talk to both parties separately and together as they gather information.

2. Control. Mediation is controlled by the parties involved, not by the law. Each party is directly involved in negotiating their own agreement and no settlement can be imposed upon without consent. In comparison, dissatisfaction is often experienced in court where parties have little choice but to accept the judgment made by a judge.

3. Costs. Generally, mediation costs less than it would to try and settle the matter through court proceedings. Litigation is expensive and the total cost can be unpredictable.

4. Freedom. Both parties can walk away at any time.

5. Timeliness. Because mediation can be used early in the process, an agreement can usually be reached quicker than using the court system.

6. Relationships. Sometimes, whether it is a business or family relationship, it becomes necessary to preserve a relationship.

Mediation is a great way to do this since both parties have an equal opportunity to make their thoughts known.

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