After the holidays, unhappy couples weigh their options

For happy families, the holiday season is a time to embrace all of your relationships, such as those with co-workers, friends and family. But, for unhappy couples, the holidays may be more complex. On one hand, the holidays may reaffirm a relationship, showing that love still exists and that the couple can work through some bumps in the road. But, for other couples, the holidays may reveal that a relationship is fractured, possibly even beyond repair.

This is why it is not uncommon to see an increase in divorce filings after the holidays. Sometimes, it is an inevitable and well known result between a couple, and perhaps they are just holding out to keep things simple with less conflict in front of children or family or friends.

Whatever the case may be, the reality is that in the United States, approximately half of all marriages ultimately end in divorce, according to many reports and statistics.

At our law firm, we understand what you may be going through during this difficult time. It may be difficult to think clearly and make rational decisions. Pressure from the other side may try to force or coerce you into making less than ideal decisions. Or, perhaps it is just the stress of the holidays that has put you over the edge. Whatever the case, we are here to help. For over a dozen years we have been helping clients throughout Alabama with many types of family law issues. At our law firm, we do our best to make sure that our clients have the information they need to make sound decisions.

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