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Home repossession drops for most of the country

Though many are still feeling the sting of the great financial crisis, the occasional positive story does trickle through every now and again. While many are still seeking employment and trying to make ends meet, signs that the economy on a larger scale is turning around may give hope to those still in dire financial straits. One such thin beacon of light has recently come through with regard to home repossession.

Local dealer involved in illegal repossession for second time

Financial struggles are not always unavoidable. Circumstances change, people get sick or lose their jobs. Homes and cars that were once easily affordable may no longer be affordable with life's struggles get in the way. One Alabama resident knows this all too well.

Home repossessions are at their lowest level since 2007

Alabama residents may be interested to learn of a positive statistic that may be another signal of a strengthened economy. Recently, it was reported that bank repossession of homes are 29 percent less frequent than one year ago. This is great news for many homeowners who are still struggling to make their mortgage payments every month.