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Let Me Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

November 2013 Archives

Aviation company president files for Chapter 13

Anyone can fall on hard financial times. Individuals may find they suffer from an illness that is expensive to treat, they may lose their job, or their income may be drastically cut. Business owners, too, can face harsh financial trouble. A sudden lack of demand or unexpected business costs can sour a business owner's financial security, making it difficult to live a normal life.

Inheritance may be included in Chapter 13 bankruptcy estate

In an economy slow to gain steam, many Alabamans find themselves facing financial challenges. When a low income, unemployment, or health issue prevents them from making payments on their debt, they may become depressed, stressed, and face creditor harassment. It can make everyday life hard and feeling as if no one is on his or her side. Fortunately, help may be available, but those facing these hardships should not wait too long to act on their options, or else they may lose protection for some of their expected assets.

Car title loans carry high interest and threat of repossession

From time-to-time, many Alabamans find themselves in a financial crunch. They may have bills coming due and need quick cash to hold them over to their next paycheck. When this happens, many of these individuals turn to car title loans. These loans are supposed to be short term loans which are fast and easy to obtain. But Alabama residents should be aware of the serious risks involved with taking out one of these loans.