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Attempted repossession leads to standoff with police

There are certain things in life that individuals need. Adequate food and housing are amongst these needs, yet, for many, a car is also a necessity. Without a vehicle, many Alabamans would be unable to get to work, which in turn would lead to severe economic hardship. Also, an individual's personal life might suffer if they are unable to attend weddings, funerals, and other family functions. With important aspects of life at risk, it is understandable why some individuals would be especially protective of their vehicle.

In a recent instance the importance of a man's vehicle to him manifested in the form of violence. In the early morning hours, a tow truck began the process of repossessing the man's car. The man saw the event, exited his home, and fired a shot into the air. Police officers arrived shortly thereafter. After a standoff, the man eventually surrendered to authorities.

This may be an extreme example of repossession, but for many it is a reality. The good news is these individuals do not have to go to such extreme measures to protect their interests. Instead, those facing difficulties paying on an auto loan should consider consulting with an attorney. An attorney can help assess the individual's situation and discuss whether or not bankruptcy should be considered.

Through bankruptcy, the individual may be able to discharge debt while staying car repossession. The vehicle may eventually be repossessed, but the stay buys the individual time to make other arrangements. Once the bankruptcy process is complete, the individual can focus on finding firm financial footing and getting the second chance he deserves.

Unemployment and other financial challenges can render repayment of an auto loan difficult or impossible. When a drop in Income leads to missed payments, the individual may face creditor harassment and extreme stress. By seeking an attorney's help, these individual can put their minds at ease with options that may help them achieve a better financial position.

Source: ABC News 10, "Police: Attempted repossession, armed vehicle owner prompt Elk Grove standoff," Paul Janes, Sep. 20, 2013

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