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Let Me Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

May 2013 Archives

Bankruptcy may help senior citizens face financial challenges

Retirement. The golden years. Relaxing on the porch, visiting with neighbors and family, telling stories to the grandchildren about the good old days. These are promises towards which Alabama residents spend a lifetime working. However, given struggles with credit card debt and other debts, some seniors may need to consider filing for bankruptcy as a way to protect themselves in their retirement.

Bankrupt Alabama county nearing resolution

Many people depend on local governments and municipalities for services that seem so basic it is hard to imagine life without them. Though construction during the summertime can lead to longer commutes and frustrated commuters, fixing the roads is something citizens expect to be done. The same holds true for police officers protecting the streets and the postal work delivering the mail. But what if one day those services had to stop?

Credit cards and debt not as easy to find for today's students

The beginning of summer is often marked by festive graduation ceremonies across the country. For many high school seniors, this marks the end of one chapter of their life and the beginning of their undergraduate days in a few short months. College orientation used to be marked by new friends, new freedom and often a plethora of credit card companies looking to sign up unsuspecting freshmen.

Deceased country music legend faced tough financial times

Many around Alabama and the country mourned the recent passing of superstar country singer and songwriter George Jones. While many remember his smooth voice, heartbreaking lyrics and signature style, some might not know that the road to and through stardom was bumpy at times for the music star. Among the many difficulties that Jones had to overcome was a bout of bankruptcy.

Founder of Alabama National BanCorp files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

The past few years have been difficult for everyone, both in America and in countries around the world. Though some claim the tough times have increased tensions between people of different income brackets, the downtrend in the financial state of the country has affected some of the lives of even the very wealthy. Bankruptcy has recently struck a once powerful and very well-off Alabama banker.