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Let Me Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

April 2013 Archives

Home repossession drops for most of the country

Though many are still feeling the sting of the great financial crisis, the occasional positive story does trickle through every now and again. While many are still seeking employment and trying to make ends meet, signs that the economy on a larger scale is turning around may give hope to those still in dire financial straits. One such thin beacon of light has recently come through with regard to home repossession.

Number three ranking for Alabama bankruptcy

In the midst of our current tax season, finances are at the forefront of most people's minds. Whether they owe the government or are in line to receive a hefty refund, many families are concerned with their bottom line. Though the economy may be turning around, according to some residents, many folks are struggling to keep afloat and stave on bankruptcy.

Local dealer involved in illegal repossession for second time

Financial struggles are not always unavoidable. Circumstances change, people get sick or lose their jobs. Homes and cars that were once easily affordable may no longer be affordable with life's struggles get in the way. One Alabama resident knows this all too well.

Bankruptcy woes leave Warwick singing a different tune

Popular singers can raise the roof with soaring melodies, make us smile with charming lyrics and break our hearts by singing the beautiful ballads. Dionne Warwick has touched many people throughout the decades through her musical creations. Unfortunately, her recent encounter with bankruptcy will most likely leave her singing the blues.