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Let Me Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

February 2013 Archives

New bill aims to change bankruptcy law regarding student loans

College students in Alabama face many financial challenges upon graduation, challenges that are often compounded by crushing student loan debt. Under current law, student loans usually cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, a bill recently introduced in the United States Senate aim to have that changed.

Alabama has fourth highest bankruptcy filing rate in U.S.

The economic downturn these last few years has forced Americans to re-evaluate their spending. The struggling economy has led to the creation of tight budgets and a decrease in luxuries such as shopping and eating out. It has also lead many to consider more large-scale solutions, such as bankruptcy as a way to eliminate debt.

Medical bills leave couple on the brink Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Readers of our Birmingham bankruptcy blog may be interested to know there are many reasons behind a personal bankruptcy filing. The loss of a job, prolonged unemployment and business failure are all reasons why individuals choose to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A medical condition resulting in unmanageable medical bills is also a leading reason for personal bankruptcy filings.