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Let Me Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

November 2012 Archives

Alabama mortgage and credit numbers plummet

Credit cards and financial challenges can create problems for individuals and families as we have seen in our economy since 2008. Creditors are more cautious than normal when extending credit because of the troubles our economy has seen with credit card debt.

Credit scores in the bottom five of the nation and still sinking

Credit scores, which are generated on credit reports, can have a substantial impact on a person's future ability to get loans or mortgages. As such, the process of getting an auto loan or home mortgage can be complicated; if not impossible in some cases. Financial challenges can also lead to repossession of assets or bankruptcy.

Tips for averting and working through the bankruptcy process

Financial challenges and the accumulation of debt can be a source of stress that affects the whole family. Fortunately, the law has created a remedy for those in need of a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy can be the necessary and helpful option for Birmingham families who are suffering from too much debt.

Certain credit card habits that can harm people in the end

Debt is inevitable for every family in some way. Whether it is student loan, a mortgage or credit card debt, the high majority of Americans have some sort of debt. Despite the many benefits of credit cards, the financial challenges most recently experienced by Americans have led to an increased number of bankruptcies. However, delinquent payments can cause creditors to start calling or legal action in order to collect payment.

Are auto loans possible after financial challenges like foreclosure?

Amongst the many financial challenges facing Alabama residents in today's economy, bankruptcy and foreclosure can have an impact on one's ability to receive loans in the future. Financial problems are often a result of major income changes or unemployment, which is usually unavoidable.