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Men who are involved in divorce and other family law disputes in Alabama need experienced legal representation to protect their rights and best interests. Husbands and fathers deserve equal recognition from family courts, but unfortunately, do not always receive that equality. If you are faced with divorce, you need an attorney who will do what it takes to even the playing field.

At the Birmingham Men's Law Firm, I, lawyer Gregory C. Starkey, believe that husbands and fathers deserve strong, personal and professional support through these difficult and highly emotional times. Divorce requires firm and reasoned decision-making to ensure that all related issues are handled properly, so you and your family are protected now and into the future.

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In any divorce, there are a number of related issues that need to be resolved. While it is best if parties come to amicable agreements in divorce, I know that disputes can happen easily that are difficult to resolve. My firm handles uncontested and contested divorces in Alabama. Divorce issues include:

The rights of husbands and fathers should not be disregarded in the midst of family law disputes. My firm's mission is to advance the rights of my clients and to stand up for the best interests of fathers and their children.

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