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Alabama Paternity and Child Support Representation

Issues concerning child support can often be some of the most contentious of any issues that are raised in a divorce. If you are having disputes regarding child support in your divorce, or you are behind on making child support payments, and you are worried about protecting your freedom, it is in your best interests to speak with an experienced family lawyer about your rights.

My name is Gregory C. Starkey, and as a knowledgeable family law attorney with years of experience, I have assisted many clients with issues of child support and paternity. At the Birmingham Men's Law Firm, I stand up for fathers and husbands who are concerned about the welfare of their children and their own parental rights in family court.

Birmingham Child Support Attorney

Child support may be determined based on a wide range of factors:

  • Number of children
  • Expenses associated with the care of the children
  • Ability to pay child support/income level
  • Parents' living arrangements and expenses
  • Child custody

My firm can help you understand what to expect and what a fair resolution is to your child support issues. I can also assist in cases involving paternity, where you wish to affirm that you are the father of your child in order to assert your parental rights.

If you are dealing with back child support, talk with me at once, since the criminal penalties that you could face are significant.

Make Sure Your Child Is Protected With an Experienced Family Lawyer

For more information about child support guidelines in Alabama, contact my office at 205-545-8251 or toll free at 866-706-3859 to schedule a free initial consultation.